Sal Chacon - BeautifulStore USA President

Sal Chacon - BeautifulStore USA President

 Myunghee Hong - BeautifulStore Chairperson

Myunghee Hong - BeautifulStore Chairperson

BeautifulStore first opened its doors in South Korea in 2002. Since then BeautifulStore has donated over $20,000,000 of goods, services and funds to communities in need. Our reach has spanned 5 different countries where we have helped impoverished people and also offered relief aid to those who have suffered from a natural disaster. Currently BeautifulStore has more than 120 stores in full operation throughout Korea. Our first US store is now located at 21435 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303.








This is just the beginning!

BeautifulStore started in Korea ten years ago and has grown to over 120 stores today! Helping to bring the first BeautifulStore to the US has brought a special meaning to my life. The part I love most is being surround by the beautiful people in our community; volunteers and employees who work hard to run the store, those who donate items and funds, our customers who give a new life to our second hand goods and the people & organizations that we support. I have high hopes that BeautifulStore USA will grow and help make the world a more beautiful place, one community at a time. We are off to a great start, but we have a long road ahead… I invite you to be a part of BeautifulStore USA any way you can… SHARE SHOP SUPPORT! Thank you. 

Sal Chacon - BeautifulStore USA President






We are dreaming of a

Beautiful World of sharing.

Lots of memories and stories are sent to the BeautifulStore every day. They are not coming in the form of dialogue or handwriting but of used items. They are all donated. Our donors are willing to donate these to us for our neighbors in need. These donated items contain all the memories from their marriage, children, presents from their beloved ones... Therefore, the BeautifulStore is not only a common shop but a very special shop selling those memories and hearts. This is why the BeautifulStore cares about every little thing donated to us. We believe even a tiny, old item should not be thrown away because it contains the owner's history. Now, we will connect these valuable items to new owners who will look after them and start another story. At the BeautifulStore, beautiful relationships start & are connected.

The philosophy of BeautifulStore.

There is nothing in a world where we exist alone. Human beings cannot live alone. We influence each other and even nature. Every life in the field, mountain and the sea is all linked.

By donating unused items, saving resources, buying ethical products, caring for underprivileged neighbors around us, participating in volunteering, all of these activities will contribute to make a strong tie between everyone. This is the world that BeautifulStore dreams of.

Please give your hand to help others in need by joining our sharing activities. Let's make a beautiful world of sharing!

Myung Hee Hong - BeautifulStore Chairperson